Start your business today. Earn money and buy a coffee.

 In times like thins. It's time to take action. The virus is viral. And we have to stay inside. 
Take advantage of the time and start your own business.
There are many ways to start something. But first i have to tell you, no-one get  rich in a week.
It takes time to start earning money. But if you put time in to it, you will start earning money faster.

You can start a blogg and use adsense. Or and use affiliate marketing. 
You can start a youtube channel. On youtube you need 4000 watch hours and 1000 followers to get monetized and be a part of youtube partner program.
It will take a while to start earning money. But if you are at home, have the time. Why not start.

Even if you "only" make 20, 50 or 100 dollar a month. It's still money. 

But doing videos on youtube, has to be fun. Or it wont be good videos.
And the best part with youtube. You don't have to be on camera. You can do videos without showing your face. Awesome right!?

A blog is a great tool to write what you are thinking. Write about something to teach someone else. Show pictures. And at the same time earn some money.
But i have to say, earning money with a blog is a slow income stream. Also something you have to do for fun. If you don't have fun doing it, the there is no point of writing.

When people talking about starting a business, it is almost boring to listen to. But if someone talks about start earning money, it's more fun.
It's no point to start a business if you haven't start earning money.

But of course, there are many business you have to start a business and put in money before even making any money. And that is what is so great with youtube. You don't need any money to start.
You need a computer. And the computer doesn't need to be the best.

I have an old computer. But i still do videos. I still write blogs. 
I use my mobile phone to take pictures, do videos, and record sound/voice.

My computer is so old, i don't even know how it can work. But it does.
There are so many smal video-creator-programs that are free and don't take much space.
And there are free voice recording programs that are free and easy to use.

Many people only use their smartphones to record and upload.  

If you earn some extra money you can buy an extra coffee or something like that. Extra money is always welcome in these times.

Stay safe!

How to make money on youtube, with a list of suggestions.

 How to make money on youtube. That is something we all wounder. Otherwise you didn't end up here.

First you start a youtube channel. You pic a niche, nitch, or neesh, whatever you want to call it.

I will help you on your way.

There is some niches you can start with if you don't want to be in front of the camera. 

I will make a list and you are free to copy the list. Remember every suggestion is one niche, one account. So if you want to use them all, you have to start one youtube channel for every niche. Or it wont work.

The list:

1. Meditation

2. Happy birthday

3. Animals

4.  Tech

5. Affirmation

6. Cars

7. Powerpoint presentation with voice-over.

These are just some of the easy niches.

Meditation channel. You can choose to just have music with a picture. I recommend that you upload 1-5 times a week. Loop music is one option to get long lasting.

Happy Birthday channel. Put in some text with some pictures and if you want, a happy birthday song. Or a other song that represent birthday.

Animal channel. You can show the most beautiful animals. Compare dogs, cats or maybe horses. 
You can do a voice-over or just use music and text.

Tech channel. Show the lates technologi. The latest computer. Only your imagination can stop you.

Affirmation channel. Everyone loves affirmation. You can use pictures and text or and voice-over. With some soothing music.

Car channel. Compare cars. Show the fastest cars.

Powerpoint presentation channel. With this you can talk about anything without showing your face. You only need your PowerPoint and  your voice. 

As you can see. There are a lot of options to do videos on youtube without showing your face. And still make money.

It is not a overnight get rich tip. You have to work for it. But if you succeed, you can be in your comfy clothes and do videos and make money.


What is a niche and why you should only have one.

 Why you should only have one niche.

And what do i actually talk about? Well, if you are working with instagram or youtube or both. You should have a niche. ONE niche for one account. 

You can have many different niches. But only use one per account. 
This is because people who come to your channel, wants to know what you are all about.

If your niche is cooking. Stick to that niche on that cooking channel. IF your other niche is work out and health, start another channel for that niche. 

A niche is when you concentrate on one particularly subject. Like cooking. If you suddenly start to mix cooking and let say painting. Then the people who came for your cooking will stop follow you and or stop engaging. 

The easiest way is to go back to yourself. If you are following a account that shows cooking, but suddenly starts posting about painting, home design, and how to do laundry. Would you still follow that channel?

 To niche down is the best way to build an audience. 

On instagram you can have more then one account. Even on youtube you can have more then one account. 

If i say meditation, happy birthday, animals, health, food, and how to make money. Those niches doesn't go on the same account/channel. 
They are all on one channel each. Because they all are a niche for them-self.

Stay on your path. Follow your dreams. Never give up! Be a 100% always. Choose how much you want to work. But don't wait. Just start. 

Instagram influencer and how much you should charge for collaborations

 I have seen influencer do collaborations and not charge enough for the work they are doing.

I'm gonna give you a simple math on how to charge based on how many followers you have.

This is if you are niched down.

Lets say you have 1000 followers, then you can charge 50-200 dollar.

If you have 5000 followers you charge 200-400 dollar.

If you have 10000 followers you charge 400-600 dollar.

If you have 100 000 followers you charge 600-800 dollar.

It is all depending on you niche. But only taking 50 dollars when you have 10000 followers is not good.

Remember you charge your worth. If you charge to low, companies will take advantage of you.
You should charge so much that you almost get ashamed. 
If you say you charge 800 dollar, and you have 10000 followers, then you can negotiate the price. But never lower then 400 dollars.

If you want to be an influencer, you need to be able to make money. And on your terms.

The price-setting is when you do more then one-two stories included a normal picture post.

To post a picture with advertising in a post, should cost more for the company. If it is just one story post and nothing more, then the price can get a bit lower.