How to get one million followers on social media

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How can you get one million followers on your social media?

For starters you need to start a Youtube channel, instagram, Facebook.

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The Weekend is here

Finally it came. Weekend! 

On my schedule it says I am free. That is something I need. 
But I can't help thinking what I need and want to do next week. 

Need to make a plan for my YouTube. And research for more blogfeed.


How to make money from different kinds of work. What are your goals?

When people say "It's not about the money", then they are lying. No money often makes people stressed.
To earn money you obviously need to work. But not everyone has a 9-5 job. 

There are ways to get an income, without having a 9-5 job.

I ask you, do you have something you know alot about?
Are you an expert in a specific area?
Do you have skills that you can teach others?
It can be about almost anything.
Painting, working with people, how to write a book, how to coach people.

Nothing but your imagination can stop you.

Alot of people creates online courses, and they make alot of money doing that.

If you want to work with social media, there are endless possibilities. 
To work digitally is hard work. But the possibility is huge.

Write down all your niches. If you have one niche then just go for it.

Write down 25 goals that you want to achieve in life. Then you choose 5 of those goals that are your top 5. And then you work on these 5 goals. When you have achieve the 5 goals. You go back to your 25 goal paper and choose 5 more. 
This method is Warren Buffets 5/25. 

I will choose people that has been successful online and help you on the way.

But first, write down 25 life goals.

Continuing on how to become a millionaire with YouTube

Becoming a millionaire with only posting videos on YouTube, is rare. But if you use affiliate as an compliment, you will increase your income.

When you get enough followers, you can start doing collaboration.

Chose your collaboration carefully. Best thing is if it represents you.

And never ever accept payments in products.

If you have less then 10 000 followers, never accept less then 200 dollars. 

If you post a video every week, more people will follow.

You can also choose to sell stuff. If you have a product, merchandise or other. 

If you have 5000 people who buy your product for 200 dollars each. Then you have made a million.

If 1000 people buy 1000 of your products, you have made a million.

You just have to work hard to get there.

And you will.

Start by writing down your plans, goals and future.


How to become a millionaire with YouTube

First you need to have a goal. Money can't be your priority goal, because then you won't succeed.

First you need to find out what your niche or niches are. Yes you can have more then one niche.

If you have two or four big interests, and want to share your experience or knowledge, you can either start 2-4 YouTube channels. Or you start with an "tryout" channel. 

With a tryout channel I mean you post video with all your niches and try to work out which one or two niches you want to go fulltime on.

Or you just start 2-4 different channels.

Some have a priority niche and do just some videos now and then about the other interests you have.

If you want to be a influencer. You don't need to niche down, depending on what kind of influencer you want to be.

If you are using Instagram at the same time, you can share more of your story on Instagram and your experiences on YouTube, or the other way around.

Hard work is the right word.
If you don't win the lottery, you won't become a millionaire in one week.

It takes time.

When you start earning money from your Instagram and YouTube, invest!
Not all the money ofcourse, but some.

Don't be afraid of trying. Try your ideas. All that can happened is that it doesn't work. And then you try again in a new way.

To be continued...


Lifestyle influencer back on track.

Lifestyle influencer 
Influencer everyday
Filter influencer 
No filter influencer 
Am I an influencer if I use filter and no filter. 
I think I am.

Can I reach 2000 followers on Instagram before the end of this year? 
Can I get 1000 subscribers on YouTube and 4000 hours watch hours, this year?

Something I am happy about is that I got my blog back on track again.

I couldn't live without my blog.

But now I have to start all over again. 
But that is a challenge for it self. And I accept it with pleasure.


A sunny Sweden today

Hello from a sunny Sweden.
The sun is shining and I hope the summer is coming. It has been cold and windy for a long time now.

More people dead from corona. 
The number of dead people is rising. And it's scary.

But it's stay inside. And not more than 50 people at once. Besides at the grocery stores.

Some people still travel across the country and from city to city. 

Me, I stay at home.

You can find me on Instagram @anneliehedman 


Good morning