Continuing on how to become a millionaire with YouTube

Becoming a millionaire with only posting videos on YouTube, is rare. But if you use affiliate as an compliment, you will increase your income.

When you get enough followers, you can start doing collaboration.

Chose your collaboration carefully. Best thing is if it represents you.

And never ever accept payments in products.

If you have less then 10 000 followers, never accept less then 200 dollars. 

If you post a video every week, more people will follow.

You can also choose to sell stuff. If you have a product, merchandise or other. 

If you have 5000 people who buy your product for 200 dollars each. Then you have made a million.

If 1000 people buy 1000 of your products, you have made a million.

You just have to work hard to get there.

And you will.

Start by writing down your plans, goals and future.


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