Basic knowledge on how to succeed on instagram.

Do you want to succeed on instagram?

First of all, be yourself. Don't copy everyone else. People will notis. 
Write a bio, profile, that shows what you are offering.
If you are, or want to be, a influencer. Then write in your bio, Influencer.
There are many different kinds of influencers. Make up, lifestyle, food, daily life, clothes and so on.
If you are in a photograph, write it in your bio. 
Follow people in your category. 
Post 1-3 pictures a week. And the rest in your story.
Don't just write "Hello". Write a longer caption. 
Use #-tags.
Reply to comments and write comments on profiles in your category. 

I have tried different ways on instagram. And noticed that only pictures with me at home and no "talking" pictures (no eye-catching background) , don't succeed. 

This picture was for my make up and my hair. And that was what i was showing.

This picture says nothing. It's a snap chat picture. I can use it in my story with a caption. But that's it.

In this picture, you can see a bit of background. People want to se what's behind you and around you.
It makes the picture more "talking".