The time goes fast, like summer *poff*. Never stress with success.

 Have you noticed how quick time goes by?

I thought to myself about 5 years ago. "In 5 years i will have a house a new car" and so on. But 5 years is so little time. It goes *poff*, like summertime *poff*.

So i have learned and started over. No stress and a new realistic goal. 15 years. 15 years doesn't go *poff* it goes more like *po..oo..ooff*.  

When i first had the idea to start something were i am the boss. I thought "this will be easy". How wrong i was. I struggled this 5 years and never got far. But now i know why.

I wanted it all at the same time. In my head i had already succeeded and making money. And that is not the way to go! I know that now. 

So from nothing i got two steps back, instead of forward. So i ended up minus two steps. And got a depression. I stopped with everything. Thought that i was never gonna succeed with my goals.
And instead i got back to school, because i had nothing better to do, at the time. Thinking, "Well i better get some education and get me a "9-5" job.
The education was just right in time for me.
Even tho i didn't want to go back to school and later get a "9-5" job, the time at school gave me so much knowledge and open my eyes. 
I got lucky and got a teacher that open up my eyes. That everything is possible, you just have to want it.

Do you want to succeed? 

Success doesn't come easy! 
Only a few procent succeed over night. And why is that, i ask. I do not think they just started a business yesterday and succeeded today. Oh no. They have studied. They have collected all the knowledge they need to start. There are so many ways to learn. You just need to find your way.

Have you heard about Warren Buffet?
He has a 5/25 strategy. Google Warren Buffet 5/25 strategy. That strategy has helped me so much. 

Do search for more. This site is just the beginning. 

With Warren Buffet strategy i did my own. I did two and then combined the two into one.
I did one with the "smal" goals and one with the "big" goals. But first i did exactly how Warren Buffet says you are supposed to do. 
And suddenly i had my strategy finish. Were to start and how to move forward in my journey. 

There are so many ways to start your own businesses. 

Some start with youtube, some start with a blogg/website, some start with facebook and some start with instagram. Facebook is great when it comes to making ads for your business. 

If your goal is to be an influencer. Facebook ads are great to make people see you faster.

And if you have a online shop, use facebook ads. 

If you are using instagram, don't forget to use hashtags. 

It is a never ending opportunity for you to find. 

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