Youtube channel and why to niche down.

 Lets talk about Youtube and niche down.

What does that really mean?

To niche down, means you only have one specific category. On specific subject.

Let me give you an example.

If you start a meditation channel on youtube. Your channel should only be about meditation.

You can choose to have only meditation music. And you can choose to have guided meditation.
You can in this choose to have both. BUT if you suddenly start to put in heavy metal or vlog. Then you are no longer niche down.

The best thing is to niche down. If you think "Well i want to share more than just that". My advice is to start a second channel for your second niche.

People will follow you for that specific niche.

Example for meditation channel: You can do sleep music meditation. Guided meditation. Yoga meditation.

If you can create your own music, that is even better!

Search for "How to create meditation music" and there will be some help for that.

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