Instagram influencer and how much you should charge for collaborations

 I have seen influencer do collaborations and not charge enough for the work they are doing.

I'm gonna give you a simple math on how to charge based on how many followers you have.

This is if you are niched down.

Lets say you have 1000 followers, then you can charge 50-200 dollar.

If you have 5000 followers you charge 200-400 dollar.

If you have 10000 followers you charge 400-600 dollar.

If you have 100 000 followers you charge 600-800 dollar.

It is all depending on you niche. But only taking 50 dollars when you have 10000 followers is not good.

Remember you charge your worth. If you charge to low, companies will take advantage of you.
You should charge so much that you almost get ashamed. 
If you say you charge 800 dollar, and you have 10000 followers, then you can negotiate the price. But never lower then 400 dollars.

If you want to be an influencer, you need to be able to make money. And on your terms.

The price-setting is when you do more then one-two stories included a normal picture post.

To post a picture with advertising in a post, should cost more for the company. If it is just one story post and nothing more, then the price can get a bit lower.

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