What is a niche and why you should only have one.

 Why you should only have one niche.

And what do i actually talk about? Well, if you are working with instagram or youtube or both. You should have a niche. ONE niche for one account. 

You can have many different niches. But only use one per account. 
This is because people who come to your channel, wants to know what you are all about.

If your niche is cooking. Stick to that niche on that cooking channel. IF your other niche is work out and health, start another channel for that niche. 

A niche is when you concentrate on one particularly subject. Like cooking. If you suddenly start to mix cooking and let say painting. Then the people who came for your cooking will stop follow you and or stop engaging. 

The easiest way is to go back to yourself. If you are following a account that shows cooking, but suddenly starts posting about painting, home design, and how to do laundry. Would you still follow that channel?

 To niche down is the best way to build an audience. 

On instagram you can have more then one account. Even on youtube you can have more then one account. 

If i say meditation, happy birthday, animals, health, food, and how to make money. Those niches doesn't go on the same account/channel. 
They are all on one channel each. Because they all are a niche for them-self.

Stay on your path. Follow your dreams. Never give up! Be a 100% always. Choose how much you want to work. But don't wait. Just start. 

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