Start your business today. Earn money and buy a coffee.

 In times like thins. It's time to take action. The virus is viral. And we have to stay inside. 
Take advantage of the time and start your own business.
There are many ways to start something. But first i have to tell you, no-one get  rich in a week.
It takes time to start earning money. But if you put time in to it, you will start earning money faster.

You can start a blogg and use adsense. Or and use affiliate marketing. 
You can start a youtube channel. On youtube you need 4000 watch hours and 1000 followers to get monetized and be a part of youtube partner program.
It will take a while to start earning money. But if you are at home, have the time. Why not start.

Even if you "only" make 20, 50 or 100 dollar a month. It's still money. 

But doing videos on youtube, has to be fun. Or it wont be good videos.
And the best part with youtube. You don't have to be on camera. You can do videos without showing your face. Awesome right!?

A blog is a great tool to write what you are thinking. Write about something to teach someone else. Show pictures. And at the same time earn some money.
But i have to say, earning money with a blog is a slow income stream. Also something you have to do for fun. If you don't have fun doing it, the there is no point of writing.

When people talking about starting a business, it is almost boring to listen to. But if someone talks about start earning money, it's more fun.
It's no point to start a business if you haven't start earning money.

But of course, there are many business you have to start a business and put in money before even making any money. And that is what is so great with youtube. You don't need any money to start.
You need a computer. And the computer doesn't need to be the best.

I have an old computer. But i still do videos. I still write blogs. 
I use my mobile phone to take pictures, do videos, and record sound/voice.

My computer is so old, i don't even know how it can work. But it does.
There are so many smal video-creator-programs that are free and don't take much space.
And there are free voice recording programs that are free and easy to use.

Many people only use their smartphones to record and upload.  

If you earn some extra money you can buy an extra coffee or something like that. Extra money is always welcome in these times.

Stay safe!

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